I would like to write the history of this prison, with all the political investments of the body that it gathers together in its closed architecture. Why? Simply because I am interested in the past? No, if one means by that writing a history of the past in terms of the present. Yes, if one means writing a history of the present. –Discipline and Punish +++ We write in water. –All is True (4.2.46)  

correct correction

+++ O Lord! I dread: and that I did not dread I me repent; and evermore desire Thee Thee to dread. I open here, and spread My fault to thee… O Lord! As I have thee both pray’d, and pray, (Although I Thee be no alteration. But that we men, like as ourselves, we say, Measuring thy justice by our mutation) Chastise me not, O Lord! In thy furor, Nor me correct in wrathful castigation For that thy arrows of fear, of terror, Of sword, of sickness, of famine, and of fire, Stick deep in me: I, lo! From mine…