the violence of singularity

LITTLEWIT: …Well, go thy ways, John Littlewit, Proctor John Littlewit—one o’ the pretty wits o’ Paul’s, the Little Wit of London, so thou art called, and something beside. When a quirk or a quiblin does scape thee, and thou dost not watch, and apprehend it, and bring it afore the constable of conceit—there now, I speak quib too—let ’em carry thee out ‘o the Archdeacon’s court into his kitchen, and make a Jack of thee, instead of a John. There I am again, la!

LITTLEWIT: … But give me the man can start up a Justice of Wit out of six-shillings beer, and give the law to all the poets and poet-suckers in town.


QUARLOUS: … A notable hypocritical vermin it is; I know him. One that stands upon his face more than his faith, at all times; ever in seditious motion, and reproving for vain-glory; of a most lunatic conscience and spleen, and affects the violence of singularity in all he does.


(Bartholmew Fair)