forgetting ourselves

Socrates: Oh Phaedrus, if I don’t know my Phaedrus I must be forgetting who I am myselfand neither is the case.
Phaedrus 228a.
Phaedrus: … Don’t make me say what you said: “Socrates, if I don’t know my Socrates, I must be forgetting who I am myself.”
Phaedrus 336c
Socrates: I do believe you will, so long as you are who you are.
Phaedrus: Speak on, then, in full confidence.
Phaedrus 243e
Socrates: When someone utters the word “iron” or “silver,” don’t we all think of the same thing?
Phaedrus: Certainly.
Socrates: But what happens when we say “just” or “good”? Doesn’t each one of us go in a different direction? Don’t we differ with one another and even with ourselves?
Phaedrus 263a