The one thing to say about art

Ad Reinhardt, Abstract Painting No. 5, 1963. Oil on canvas. +++ “The one thing to say about art is its breathlessness, lifelessness, deathlessness, contentlessness, formlessness, spacelessness, and timelessness. This is always the end of art.” – Ad Reinhardt (1962)

My first marathon

Well, this has absolutely nothing to do with anything else on this blog, or with what I intend for there to be on this blog, BUT: I don’t want to keep this file on my impoverished hard drive, SO. Here’s me, crossing the finish line in my first marathon, on my 22nd birthday, in the fall of my senior year at Dartmouth, October 4th, 2009. For the self-hatred archives.

Visions: St. Matthew’s chapel

The incredible stained glass windows in St. Matthew’s episcopal chapel in Sugar Hill are unsigned, but attributed to Tiffany. I have been lurking (attending services?) around this beautiful little chapel for weeks — on the outside, it’s like a mini-church from a train set; on the inside, it’s like the hull of a wooden ship.