At least for a while, and maybe never

+++ Rereading The Sun Also Rises and feeling really sorry for myself because there’s no snow. I know. Brutal. +++ At the end of the street I saw the cathedral and walked up toward it. The first time I ever saw it I thought the facade was ugly but I liked it now. I went inside. It was dim and dark and the pillars went high up, and there were people praying, and it smelt of incense, and there were some wonderful big windows. I knelt and started to pray and prayed for everybody I thought of, Brett and Mike…

New whip

+++ All things shall live in us and we shall live In all things that surround us. -WORDSWORTH, “The Ruined Cottage.” +++ Writing: Exteriority. -BLANCHOT +++ You thought you would forget about me…Fuck you think I am? I am. I am. I know that you like it, Daddy. I know that you hate it when you see me rolling up in my new whip… Tell me baby, who’s the boss of this?