Vocab from Virginia

prehensile, adj. 
(chiefly of an animal’s limb or tail) Capable of grasping.

nacreous, adj.
consisting of or resembling mother-of-pearl.

scrolloping, adj. 
Characterized by or possessing heavy, florid, ornament. Also transf. and as pres. pple., proceeding in involutions, rambling. (Virginia’s portmanteau!)

sultana, n.
a. The wife (or a concubine) of a sultan; also, the queen-mother or some other woman of a sultan’s family.

scrannel, adj.
Thin, meagre. Now chiefly as a reminiscence of Milton’s use, usually with the sense: Harsh, unmelodious.

marmoreal, adj.
1. Resembling marble or a marble statue; cold (also smooth, white, etc.) like marble.

brindle, verb.
‘To be irritated, to show resentment, to bridle up’.

adumbration, n.
1. Shading, shadowing; shade, obscuration; (also) a shadow.