vocab via Heidegger, David Farrell Krell, Paul de Man

palimpsest, n.
1. Paper, parchment, or other writing material designed to be reusable after any writing on it has been erased. Obs.
2. a. A parchment or other writing surface on which the original text has been effaced or partially erased, and then overwritten by another; a manuscript in which later writing has been superimposed on earlier (effaced) writing. b. In extended use: a thing likened to such a writing surface, esp. in having been reused or altered while still retaining traces of its earlier form; a multilayered record.

escutcheon, n.
a. Heraldry. The shield or shield-shaped surface on which a coat of arms is depicted; also in wider sense, the shield with the armorial bearings; a sculptured or painted representation of this.

instauration, n.
1. The action of restoring or repairing; restoration, renovation, renewal.

Thomist, n, thomistic, adj.
Followers of Thomas Aquinas.

inhume, v.
a. trans. To inter, bury (the dead); to lay in the grave.