Found Poem: From Hartman’s ‘Crossing Over: Literary Commentary as Literature’

Anti-evangelical, a flight beyond
the eagle referred to, via
a pun on Hegel: Out of nothing,
into nothing, endlessly approaching
the limit we call meaning: Je
I am my own vulture.
A hieroglyphic hysteria, phobia,
the commentator’s contaminating
chiastic discourse: Source
and secondary, inseparable. A
textual infinity, a new geometry,
this Immaculate Conception, IC
ici. Here and now. The odyssey
of spirit, that critic of critics,
that promised land, not ours
to enter. We die in the wilderness:
But to have desired to enter it! —
To have saluted from afar —
The only reply: Ah, Wilderness.

— all language taken from “Crossing Over: Literary Commentary as Literature,” an essay by Geoffrey Hartman