vocab via de Man, Hegel

copula, noun.

1. Logic and Grammar. That part of a proposition which connects the subject and predicate; the present tense of the verb to be (with or without a negative) employed as a mere sign of predication. 2. gen. A connection; a link. 3. Anat. A part (e.g. a bone, cartilage, or ligament) connecting other parts.

anacoluthon, n.
An instance of anacoluthia: A want of grammatical sequence; the passing from one construction to another before the former is completed.

genitive, adj.
1. genitive case n. a grammatical form of substantives and other declinable parts of speech, chiefly used to denote that the person or thing signified by the word is related to another as source, possessor, or the like, but in different languages also employed in a variety of idiomatic usages.

anagnorisis, n.
Recognition; the dénouement in a drama.

mnemotechnic, n.
A. adj. = mnemonic adj. 1. The power or faculty of memory. Now rare. 2. Something which assists the memory; = mnemonic.