Found Poem: From Hegel’s ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’

The progressive unfolding of truth: The bud
disappears in the bursting-forth blossom… False
manifestation, the fruit now emerges as truth
instead. To lay aside “love of knowing,” and
become “actual knowing” — That is what
I have set myself to do. The “beautiful” —
the “eternal” –“religion” and “love” — These
are the bait required to arouse the desire
to bite. The eye of the Spirit forcibly turned,
and held fast to the things of this world… Now
we need just the opposite: Sense is so fast
rooted in the earthly things that it requires.
Broken with the world, hitherto inhabited
and imagined, Beauty hates Understanding
for asking of her what it cannot do, a skeleton
with scraps of paper stuck all over it. To be
read over and over before we learn by experience
that we meant something other than we meant
to mean. Going forth from, and returning to
itself, an imagery that is neither fish nor flesh,
neither poetry nor philosophy, these sky-rockets
of inspiration are not yet the empyrean: We
might grasp clouds of heaven, instead of
the heaven of truth, like a bird caught by
a lime-twig. Shilly-shallying about this or that
presumed, the untruth in bright ideas. Not
immediate, mediated, this violence crumbles
away: Turning toward the other world within
inversion itself, for itself, and its opposite, in
one unity. Inner difference. Difference as infinity.

[All language taken from Phenomenology of Spirit, by Hegel, the usual peach-colored edition, translated by A.V. Miller. All italics, capitalization, etc, Miller/Hegel’s.]