Vocab via Paradise Lost

architrave, noun. The beam resting on the columns that supports the roof.

opacous, adj. Dark.

seneschal, noun. The major-domo, the chief steward of the household.

prevenient – adj. 1. Theol. Coming before or antecedent to human action. Chiefly in prevenient grace n. the grace of God which precedes repentance and faith, predisposing a person to seek God in advance of any desire or motion on their part

euphrasy – Noun. ‘eyebright’ – An herb used in poultices for the eyes.

beeves – noun – Cattle. Plural of ‘beef’

bitumen – noun. 1. Originally, a kind of mineral pitch found in Palestine and Babylon, used as mortar, etc. The same as asphalt, mineral pitch, Jew’s pitch, Bitumen judaicum.

gurge, noun. Forms: Also gorge. Etymology: < Latin gurges abyss, whirlpool. rare. A whirlpool (lit. and fig.)

pravity. noun. 1. Moral perversion or corruption; wickedness, depravity; an instance of this. Now arch.

lucre, noun. 1. Gain, profit, pecuniary advantage. Now only with unfavourable implication: Gain viewed as a low motive for action; ‘pelf’. filthy lucre: (see filthy adj. 4b); so †foul lucre. †Also pl.