Legato con amore in un volume,

ció che per l’universo si squaderna:

by love into a single volume bound,
the pages scattered through the universe:

– Paradiso, XXXIII

Thus is his cheek the map of days outworn

– Sonnet LXVIII


To ask or search I blame thee not, for heaven
Is as the book of God before thee set,
Wherein to read his wondrous works, and learn
His seasons, hours, or days, or months, or years

Paradise Lost

a book made full of days (pages),
a ready effort full of all places then
that may be because I have loved them
– Robert Duncan

Every book is a quotation; and every house is a quotation out of all forests and mines and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors.

– R.W. Emerson


A book is a garden…