Vocab (Swann’s Way, Davis translation)

corolla, noun.
Botany. The inner envelope of floral leaves of a flower, usually of delicate texture and of some color other than green; the petals considered collectively.

dromedary, noun.

1. a type of Arabian camel bred for racing and riding, having a single hump and long slender legs
2. another name for Arabian camel

niello, noun and verb.


1. a black metallic substance, consisting of silver, copper, lead, and sulfur, with which an incised design or ground is filled to produce an ornamental effect on metal.

2. ornamental work so produced.

3. a specimen of such work.

4. a print on paper made from an incised metal plate before the application of niello and associated especially with 15th-century Italy.

–verb (used with object)

5. to decorate by means of niello; treat with niello or by the niello process.


1.Geology . iron-bearing: ferruginous clays.

2. of the color of iron rust.

viaticum noun

1. Ecclesiastical . the Eucharist or Communion as given to a person dying or in danger of death.

2. (among the ancient Romans) a provision or allowance for traveling, originally of transportation and supplies, later of money, made to officials on public missions.

3. money or necessities for any journey.

antimacassar noun

a small covering, usually ornamental, placed on the backs and arms of upholstered furniture to prevent wear or soiling; a tidy.

enchase –verb (used with object), -chased, -chas·ing.

1. to place (gems) in an ornamental setting.

2. to decorate with inlay, embossing, or engraving.


1. of or pertaining to a lake.

2. living or growing in lakes, as various organisms.

3. formed at the bottom or along the shore of lakes, as geological strata.


1. pertaining to autochthons; aboriginal; indigenous ( opposed to heterochthonous).
2. Pathology . a. found in the part of the body in which it originates, as a cancerous lesion.

b. found in a locality in which it originates, as an infectious disease.
3. Psychology . of or pertaining to ideas that arise independently of the individual’s own train of thought and seem instead to have some alien or external agency as their source.

4. Geology . (of rocks, minerals, etc.) formed in the region where found. Compare allochthonous.