Vocab via Bishop

equinoctial adj.
1. Pertaining to a state of equal day and night. equinoctial line, circle (in Milton equinoctial road), the celestial or terrestrial equator. Cf. B. 1 and 2. equinoctial point = Equinox (duh)

The action of divagating; a wandering or straying away or about: deviation; digression.

macadamize – verb.
1. a. trans. Originally: to make or repair (a road) according to McAdam’s method. In modern use: to cover (an unmade road, etc.) with tarmacadam.
b. trans. fig. To make (a way, etc.) level, even, or smooth; to raze. Now rare. Perh. Obs.

diaphanous – adj.
Permitting the free passage of light and vision; perfectly transparent; pellucid.

burnouse – noun
1. A mantle or cloak with a hood, an upper garment extensively worn by Arabs and Moors. (in Bishop this was spelled “burnoose.” ha)