Barratry noun.
1. The purchase or sale of ecclesiastical preferment, or of offices of state.
2. (Sc. Law.) The acceptance of bribes by a judge.

Palinode – noun.
Originally: an ode or song in which the author retracts a view or sentiment expressed in a former poem. Later also (more generally): a recantation, retraction, or withdrawal of a statement; (Sc. Law) a formal retraction of a defamatory statement demanded from a defender in a libel action (now hist.).
v: 1. intr. To retract, recant, withdraw a statement.

A. adj. Originally (of a voice, speaker, or utterance): imposing, clear, resonant; such as is suited to public speaking, reading, or recitation. Now freq. in contemptuous use: inflated, bombastic; pompous, magniloquent. Also in extended use (of writing, etc.).

perspicuous, adj.
1. a. Easily understood; clearly expressed; lucid.
b. Of a speaker, writer, painter, etc.: clear or unambiguous in style, meaning, or expression. Obs.
2. a. Conspicuous in rank or merit; eminent, distinguished. Obs. (rare after 17th cent.).
b. Easily or distinctly seen; conspicuous to the sight. Obs.

ontogeny, noun.
1. The origin and development of the individual organism; ontogenesis.

A. adj. a. Serving to find out or discover.
B. noun. The educational principle or practice of placing a pupil, as far as possible, in the position of a discoverer.