Vocab (courtesy of Freud)

parataxic, adj.
Of, relating to, or designating a mode of interpersonal relationship in which projection of memories, feelings, etc., creates distorted perception or expectation of others.

abreaction, noun. (v. abreact)
Discharge of the emotional energy associated with a psychic trauma that has been forgotten or repressed; the process of bringing such a trauma back to consciousness, esp. as a psychotherapeutic technique; an instance of this.

asseverate, v.
To affirm solemnly, assert emphatically, declare positively, avouch, aver

pathogenic, adj.
1. Med. and Biol. Producing physical disease; of or relating to the production of physical
2. Psychiatry. Causing, or tending to cause, mental illness.
3. fig. Morally or spiritually unhealthy; having a deleterious effect on society.

neurasthenia, noun.
A disorder characterized by feelings of fatigue and lassitude, with vague physical symptoms such as headache, muscle pain, and subjective sensory disturbances, originally attributed to weakness or exhaustion of the nerves and later considered a form of neurotic disorder.

appurtenance, noun.
1. Law and gen. A thing that belongs to another, a ‘belonging’; a minor property, right, or privilege, belonging to another more important, and passing in possession with it; an appendage.
2. A thing which naturally and fitly forms a subordinate part of, or belongs to, a whole system; a contributory adjunct, an accessory.
4. The fact or state of appertaining.