Current project: Epic poetry

Revisiting the epics, and filling some gaps. Paradise Lost, for example. Kill me.

c. forever ago: The Epic of Gilgamesh. [CHECK]
c. 800-600 BC: The Iliad, Homer. Fitzgerald trans. (Reread) [CHECK]
c. 800-600 BC: The Odyssey, Homer. Fitzgerald trans. (Reread) [CHECK]
c. 100 BC: The Aeneid, Virgil. [CHECK]
c. 100 AD: Metamorphoses, Ovid. [CHECK]
c. 8th-10th century: Beowulf (Reread) [STILL NEEDED]
11th century: The Song of Roland [CHECK]
12th century: The Nibelungenlied [CHECK]
14th century: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight [STILL NEEDED]
14th century: The Divine Comedy, Dante. (Reread) [CHECK]
Paradise Lost, John Milton. [CHECK!]
Faust, Goethe. (Reread)
Idylls of the King, Alfred Lord Tennyson.