vocab, courtesy of Lowry

tabid, adj
1. Path. Affected with tabes; wasted by disease; consumptive; marcid. Also fig.
2. Corrupted, decomposed. Obs.
3. Causing consumption, wasting, or decline.

floriferous, adj
Producing flowers

thaumaturgy, n
The working of wonders; miracle-working; magic.

plangent, adj

1. Loud and resonant; reverberating; (also) that thrills or affects the emotions; mournful, plaintive-sounding.
2. spec. Of a wave, surf, etc.: making a beating, roaring, or crashing sound. Chiefly poet. Now rare.

neuritic, adj

Of or relating to a neurite or neurites; good for the nerves

rubicund, adj
1. Of things: Inclined to redness; tending towards a red colour; red. Obs.
2. Of the face, etc.: Reddish, flushed, highly coloured, esp. as the result of good living.

eructate, v
1. trans. To belch, vomit forth. Chiefly transf. and fig.

sputum, n
Saliva or spittle mixed with mucus or purulent matter, and expectorated in certain diseased states of the lungs, chest, or throat; a mass or quantity of this. spec.

fatuous, adj

1. Of persons, their actions, feelings, utterances, etc.: Foolish, vacantly silly, stupid, besotted.
2. That is in a state of dementia or imbecility; idiotic. Now rare exc. in Sc. Law.