Vocab (courtesy of Nathanial Hawthorne)

emolument, n.
1. Profit or gain arising from station, office, or employment; dues; reward, remuneration, salary.

sere, adj.
1. a. Dry, withered. Now poet. or rhetorical.

sedulous, adj.
1. Of persons or agents: Diligent, active, constant in application to the matter in hand; assiduous, persistent.

deleterious, adj.
Hurtful or injurious to life or health; noxious.

nugatory, adj.
1. Trifling, negligible; of no intrinsic value or importance; worthless.

misanthropy, n.
Hatred of mankind; the character, nature, or condition of a misanthrope.

catarrh, n.
The profuse discharge from nose and eyes which generally accompanies a cold, and which was formerly supposed to run down from the brain; a ‘running at the nose’. Obs.