vocab (thanks to Lacan)

erogenic, adj
That gives rise to sexual desire.

dehiscence, noun
Gaping, opening by divergence of parts, esp. as a natural process: a. Bot. The bursting open of capsules, fruits, anthers, etc. in order to discharge their mature contents.

quadrature, noun
The quality, state, or condition of being quadrate or quadrangular; squareness; (also) a square or rectangle (obs.). Now rare.

ergodic, adj
Of a trajectory in a confined portion of space: having the property that in the limit all points of the space will be included in the trajectory with equal frequency. Of a stochastic process: having the property that the probability of any state can be estimated from a single sufficiently extensive realization, independently of initial conditions; statistically stationary. Also, of or pertaining to this property.

apperception, noun
1. The mind’s perception of itself as a conscious agent; self-consciousness.
2. Mental perception, recognition.
3. a. Psychol. The action or fact of becoming conscious by subsequent reflection of a perception already experienced; any act or process by which the mind unites and assimilates a particular idea (esp. one newly presented) to a larger set or mass of ideas (already possessed), so as to comprehend it as part of the whole: see quots.