Vocab gleened from Roland Barthes

ap·o·lo·gi·a n
a formal, usually written, defense or justification of a belief, theory, or policy (formal)

re·gent n
1. somebody who rules on behalf of a monarch who is unable to rule because of youth, illness, or absence
2. any of various officers of a university, especially a member of the governing board

ruling as a regent

car·a·cole or car·a·col n
in dressage, a half turn to the left or right performed by a horse and rider

to perform or cause a horse to perform a caracole

dem·i·urge n
1. a very strong, driving, and influential force or personality (formal)
2. a public magistrate in some ancient Greek states

man·da·rin1 n
1. in the Chinese Empire, a member of any of the nine highest ranks of public officials, attained by examinations
2. a high-ranking civil servant or bureaucrat with wide-ranging powers
3. an influential member of an elite group, especially a literary or intellectual group

ne·ol·o·gism or ne·ol·o·gy n
1. a recently coined word or phrase, or a recently extended meaning of an existing word or phrase
2. the practice of coining new words or phrases, or of extending the meaning of existing words or phrases

ep·i·gone or ep·i·gon n
a follower, especially of an important artist or philosopher, who is a mediocre imitator (formal or literary)

lu·dic adj
playful in a way that is spontaneous and without any particular purpose (literary)