“Now, all art which has only two dimensions, that of the work and that of the spectator, can create only a platitude, since it is no more than the capture of a shopwindow spectacle by a painter-voyeur. Depth is born only at the moment when the spectacle itself slowly turns its shadow toward man and begins to look at him.”
– Roland Barthes, The World as Object

Yesterday, reading Barthes’ collected essays, I became convinced I needed to start up keeping a journal again – his essay “Deliberation” discusses with grace and humility the difficulties of keeping a journal – so anyway, here goes the blog again, and hopefully this time I’ll keep at it. I just want to collect all the words, images, scraps of beauty that come across my desk or screen, so that each small idea or moment in time is aggregated here, (closer to) within reach. Like my paper notebooks, something to look back at; something to laugh at.